The Origin of the Name

The name came from the village of Kniveton in Derbyshire, England

The village has Anglo-Saxon origins (from about 600 AD).

Whilst the Romans were in Britain the Anglo-Saxon pirates restricted their
attacks on the country to the coastal areas.

After the Romans left they became more adventurous and moved inland.

They were anxious to acquire more land on which to settle their growing population back in Saxony.

Derby was one of the many places they conquered.

Rapidly they spread throughout the countryside clearing woodland to establish their homesteads.

Evidence of Anglo-Saxon Crosses can be found in many places in the area including Bradbourne and Eyam.

The Word Knighton, meant in Old English "Knight's Settlement"

Knight in those days meant a servant.

Ton is Anglo-Saxon for a fence, enclosure or a homestead.